September 9, 2015

E Commerce Credit Card Processing

How to accept payments on your website

Ecommerce companies are on track to generate sales of $414 billion by 2018 in the United Sates alone. With that being said, any company who is serious about the success of their business will accept some sort of payments online. To do this they will need to set up both a merchant processing account and an online payment gateway. A merchant processing account establishes a relationship with a credit card processing company and a bank which enables that merchant to accept credit cards. An online payment gateway provides a way for the merchant to securely pass their customers credit card information to their processor. Once both of these are established a merchant can link their payment gateway to their website and accept Ecommerce payments.

Flat Rate Processing Ecommerce Solutions 

Many credit card processing companies only provide the merchant processing account and not the online payment gateway. This is important to know when looking for a solution because many times the online payment gateway is not included in the pricing provided by the merchant processing company. Flat Rate Processing has existing partnerships with website design companies which allow us to provide free online payment gateways.